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Vogel Vending and ATM

Vogel ATM Services

How ATM placement can help your business

  • Increased Sales
    - The average ATM customer spends 25% more than the non-ATM customer.

  • Higher Traffic Flow
    -The convenience of an ATM will draw people to your location. This increases the potential for more sales.

  • Competitive Edge
    - As creatures of habit, we tend to flock to places that we can rely on to meet our needs. Why go to the store xyz when more services are available at your store?

  • Eliminate Processing Charges
    -When customers have access to cash, they are less likely to use checks or credit cards.

  • Saving You Extra Charges/Fees
    - There are many ways to increase revenue and attract clientele. Out ATM service doesn't cost a thing… AND we do all the work?

  • Customization
    - We can customize the look of your ATM machine to fit your décor. There are many finishes available.

  • Additional Revenue Source
    - Receive a portion of all transactions fees collected from your ATM machine!

  • Customized cabinets are available.
    - Click to the left to see some of our favorites.

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