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Vogel Vending and ATM






Green in a Machine
About Vogel ATM

Vogel ATM is a family owned business, which was founded in 1986 by Carl and Franz Eberth. Since the beginning, the company has grown at a rate of approximately 20 percent each year. How has the company been able to grow at such a rate? By paying attention to the customer. The management team understands that by being proactive and responding to the customers' needs, growth will take care of itself.

Mission Statement

Satisfied customers guaranteed! Vogel ATM listens and hears the customers' needs. This is our most important philosophy and the direct result of this is growth, i.e. let the people be our voice.

The Vogel ATM Team is comprised of what most industry insiders agree is the most impressive and qualified management staff of any independently owned vending and coffee service company in New England. This team of professionals has more than seventy years of combined experience. Vogel’s customers benefit from this experience by receiving the highest level of services.

Allow us to introduce to you the key employees of Vogel ATM:
  • Carl Eberth – Founder/Co-Owner and President of Vogel ATM

Carl Eberth founded Vogel ATM with his brother, Franz, in 1986. Today, he manages one of the largest and most respected ATM, office coffee and vending companies in New England. Carl’s likable personality, low-pressure management style and outstanding vendor relationships will help keep Vogel ATM ahead of our competition well into the future.
  • Franz Eberth – Founder/Co-owner and General Manager of Vogel ATM

Franz Eberth is responsible for growing Vogel ATM into the company it is today. Franz’s “can do” personality and sense of humor make him unforgettable to employees and customers alike. His philosophy of allowing employees an opportunity to manage their accounts is one of the main reasons why Vogel ATM employees are some of the industry’s most creative and capable personnel. Franz has never been afraid to take risks, which is why he has forged relationships with employees and customers that cannot be broken.