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Vogel Vending and ATM
Green in a Machine

Vogel ATM employs the latest technology to improve the customer experience as well as to increase overall service and efficiency.
  • Cash-Free Systems
    No Cash? No Problem! With a Vogel cashless ? integrated vending machine you can purchase your items by debit, credit, and other card payment styles.

  • Online Sales Tracking
    With SEED programming, we are able to monitor your sales from our offices, remotely. DEX data allows us to determine which items need to be replaced. Reports on these sales can be generated on demand

  • SURE VEND delivery sensors
    Product delivery or your money back. Guaranteed.

  • Advanced Bill Acceptors
    Our state of the art currency bill acceptors in our machines can be programmed to take $1, $5, $10, even $20.00 bills and produce change.